Uncleblogger.com was set up in year 2010, the place I log down my travel experiences. Here, you can find not just about photos of my trip around the world but also the itineraries, planning processes and some tips I found along the way.

My name is Jeff, I came from a small village in Malaysia, settled down in Singapore 1999. I am bless with a group of buddies who enjoy travelling like I do. We always source for information and plan our itineraries to ensure splendour trip. Hope you enjoy reading my trip adventures!

Some snapshots of my trip:

One day hiking trip to Seoul highest peak – Baegundae Peak at Bukhansan National Park South Korea
Cycling around Taiwan island in 13 days
Cycling around Taiwan island in 13 days – Read more here
Trekking mount Kota Kinabalu (East Malaysia)
Trekking at beautiful Sapa (Vietnam)
White water rafting Sabah
White water rafting Sabah (East Malaysia)
Lahu village (Chiang Mai Thailand)
Mount Rinjani (Indonesia Lombok)


If you have any places, food, hotels or any travel experiences to share on Uncleblogger.com, feel free to contact me at My Contact Page.